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DIY Terracotta Globe Planter Is A Great Excuse To Collect More Succulents

If you're an avid fan and lover of plants, you know the limit does not exist when it comes to both plants and their planters. You're most likely a firm believer in the nonexistent verse from the Bible of Horticulture, "You can never have enough."

There's a really exciting DIY project that will give you a great excuse to collect even more!

Are you in the market for even more plants that you don't actually need? Look no further than this funky DIY project!

YouTube | Great Home Ideas

If you have trypophobia, this may be a nightmare for you, but stay with me if you have it in you.

This DIY puts a unique spin on the classic terracotta planter.

Unsplash | Annie Spratt

According to the YouTube tutorial by Great Home Ideas, you'll need about 40 8cm terracotta pots if you want to create a full sphere planter, but 20 should be good if you're looking to make a half-moon shape.

You'll also need some hot glue, as well as soil and succulents, of course.

Once you glue all the terracotta pots together, it will look something like this!

Fab Art DIY

How pretty is this arrangement by Fab Art DIY?

This planter is seriously a great excuse to buy more plants, don't you think?

Find the full tutorial here:

Will you be giving this spring DIY a try? Let us know!