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Couple's 'The Office'-Inspired Bathroom Makeover Is Worthy Of A Dundie

Think you're a die-hard fan of The Office? Sure, you may know what colored shirt Dwight was wearing Season 2 Episode 4, or you've managed to memorize every single line across the show's 9 seasons, but did you just transform your bathroom into an Office fan's dream bathroom?

Instagrammer and massive fan of *The Office* Ashley Nicole, aka @hellathoughts, just gave her and her boyfriend Doug Nixon's bathroom a massive makeover inspired by the iconic show.

Instagram | @hellathoughts

It absolutely deserves a Dundie Award!

The bathroom is filled with iconic decor pieces related to the show, like this punny "Doodoo Mifflin Inc." photo.

Instagram | @hellathoughts

There are also other framed trendy graphics of the cast and quotes they've said from the show, as well as a Dundie Award, a Dwight Schrute bobble head, a shower curtain filled with moments from the show, and mugs to throw their toothbrushes in that they purchased off Etsy.

On top of decorating their bathroom with plenty of *The Office*-themed decor, they also installed fresh wallpaper and added some extra shelviing.

Instagram | @hellathoughts

According to Insider, the renovation only took around 6 hours and they spent less than $300 on the upgrade.

Check out the before and after photos in the video the couple made below!

You may not think a bathroom deserves a theme, but Ashley and Doug prove they are deserving of some extra love.

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