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Mark Wahlberg Surprises Melissa McCarthy Wearing Nothing But An Apron

There's a new friendship in Hollywood that we didn't even know we needed: Melissa McCarthy and Mark Wahlberg.

After the actor appeared in Melissa's dream, things turned into reality as Mark surprised the actress (and her husband!) wearing just an apron.

You're welcome.

For Melissa McCarthy, dreams do really come true.

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Last week, the Bridesmaids actress took to Instagram to share the crazy dream she had involving actor Mark Wahlberg.

"So, tell me about the dream again?" asked Melissa's husband, Ben Falcone, who was filming the video.

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Ben - didn't anyone ever tell you not to ask questions unless you're completely and totally prepared to hear the truth?

You're kind of setting yourself up for failure.

"We were here, you know, you were you and I was me and we were just quarantining here, but Mark Wahlberg lived with us," Melissa began.

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Melissa is describing not only her dream but a fantasy held by roughly 90% of the population, give or take.

"And it seemed like maybe he's always lived with us in the dream and it wasn't weird."

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Definitely not weird β€” unless he wakes you up with one of his four a.m. workouts!

"It wasn't like sister wives or creepy," Melissa joked with a straight face.

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Melissa's husband was relieved to hear that.

"That's good," he said, "I don't need that kind of competition."

Trust me Ben, you're not alone. None of us need that kind of competition.

Even Mark's muscles have muscles! His fitness regime is uncontested and it shows.

None of us stand a chance next to Mark.

The *Life of the Party* actress was quick to reassure her longtime hubbie, as she said that he looks great.

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There wasn't any sexual tension between her and Mark.

It was more like, "Hey Mark, you want a ham and cheese sandwich?"

We can only expect that Dream Mark is just as healthy as real-life Mark.

Make it a skinless chicken breast, boiled, with no salt or seasoning or anything for that matter that slightly resembles the taste of chicken.

Bathroom time for the couple and their three kids got a little difficult with dream Mark around.

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That's because he would be in there a lot apparently!

At the end of the vid, Ben asked Melissa what time it was.

"Oh, 12:52, we're late," she said, as she brought up a glass of McGuinness beer to her lips.

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"Alexa, resume," Ben said to the smart speaker, causing music to play from the device and both of them to dance along.

"Thank you, Mark Wahlberg," they yelled before the video ended.

So many fans and celeb pals found the video HILARIOUS.

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"Imagine being their kids and being like ugh mom and dad saying weird shit again but in reality their kids get to live with like 2 of the funniest people everrrr," added another.

It brought out all kinds of A-listers from all walks of the red carpet.

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Pal Brooke Shields said a quick hello and informed the couple that she'd finally gotten around to "installing your gift to us."

I wonder what it could have been? Something hilarious no doubt.

In fact, some thought it was so funny that they commented a second time!

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Who do you think would be the bigger clean freak: Monica Geller or Ben Falcone?

Now that's a show I would most definitely watch!

One fan suggested it would be a great plot for a new movie.

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They could be on to something here. Imagine that Mark is just a figment of Melissa's imagination and Ben can't see him.

Did I just pitch a movie? I think so!

Another person who found Melissa's dream hilarious was Ellen DeGeneres!

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When the talk show host had Melissa and Ben on her at-home version of The Ellen Show, she made sure to ask them all about the six-hour dream.

“I woke up and was like, ‘Is Mark Wahlberg downstairs? Because I think he’s in the guest room.'”

YouTube | @TheEllenShow

Turns out, Melissa even went downstairs to check!

"We don't know him at all," the couple shared.

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Well, thanks to Ellen, they were about to!

After Ellen said that Mark was good with a vacuum cleaner, the actor surprised the couple wearing just an apron!

Dreams really do come true, y'all.

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β€œIt’s more comfortable than it appears,” Mark said about the apron.

Melissa even joked that she's going to have another dream about Mark wearing only that.

"Wow, what time is it where you guys are?" Mark asked after seeing Melissa and Ben swig down a beer again.

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We all know that Mark treats his body like a temple.

It wasn't clear at first if he was joking or being serious.

"It's pretty late, Wahlberg, don't worry about it," Melissa joked back before the actor brought out his bottle of wine.

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Hey, it's five o'clock somewhere, right?

Plus, I'm pretty sure that normal rules around day drinking don't apply in the midst of a global pandemic.

As for Ellen, she was busy marveling at it all.

YouTube | @TheEllenShow

"This picture of Mark in an apron and me as a clown," she said.

"It was great to finally meet you guys," Mark said at the end.

"You were a wonderful roommate!" Melissa said, adding that he didn't talk to them a lot, but he did do his chores, like taking the garbage out.

What a gem! You can check out the full clip for yourself!