Feel Like A Princess Of The Pool With An Inflatable Horse And Carriage Float

Gone are the days of a mere inflatable rectangular float or pool noodle to sit back and let the wind take you where it wants while relaxing in the pool. You've definitely noticed by now, but massive pool floats have been the hot pool accessory trend for a few years now. Giant donuts, slices of pizza, giant angel wings, and even dinosaurs easily take over pools in an instant.

I guess if you're going to be floating for the majority of your day, you might as well float in style.

You'll definitely be feeling like a princess of the pool in this pink carriage pool float.


The massive inflatable float by Intex ensures you and your family live like summer royalty.

You basically get two floats in one here.


The massive float is made with a fully covered pink carriage decorated with crowns, faux curtains, and lamps to really give it that royal feel.

A carriage is nothing without its steed, so there's also a fully functional horse float attached at the front that's rocking a colorful mane.

The float also doubles as an inflatable indoor play carriage to keep the kids entertained on rainy days.


For $70, you can't beat this versatility!

I know this may have technically been made with children in mind, but don't let that stop you from living out your pool princess dreams.

Instagram | @intex_nederland

It is manufactured for children 3 and up, so...

Get your own from Amazon and online from Bed Bath & Beyond.