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Pillsbury's Golden Grahams Toaster Strudel Makes Eating S'Mores For Breakfast So Easy

Summer isn't complete without enjoying a s'mores sandwich by an open (and safe) fire. You can have your ice cream, and freezies, and pool parties, and beach excursions, and camping trips, and margs on a patio, but if you go from June 20 to September 21 without stabbing a fluffy marshmallow onto a stick, impatiently waiting for it to cook and burning it, then stuffing that charcoal sphere of beauty in between a piece of Hershey's chocolate and Honey Maid graham crackers, then consider your summer cancelled. Honestly.

This is how iconic s'mores are, people! That's why Pillsbury's new s'mores Toaster Strudels made with none other than the flavor of Golden Grahams is about to make summer breakfasts absolutely legendary.

Do these look familiar?

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Over the last few years, Pillsbury has combined the power of Toaster Strudels and s'mores into a breakfast that could only make dessert screech in horror.

This year, according to Instagrammer @candyhunting, the breakfast pastry is getting a major upgrade.

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Not only is it stuffed with both marshmallow and chocolate filling, but the pastry is Golden Grahams-flavored.

Yes, Golden Grahams and Toaster Strudels make an unlikely pair, but when the flavor of s'mores is involved, their partnership is absolutely iconic.

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You're basically getting two breakfasts in one here, people.

Not to mention, this makes eating s'mores for breakfast so much easier. All you have to do is pop a pastry in the toaster, and out comes a gooey warm s'more all in one piece.

There are no guarantees this will be less messy.

No one is exactly sure when these are hitting shelves, but definitely keep your eyes peeled for this limited edition summer release.

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