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Jessica Simpson Was 'Almost Nailed’ By A Baseball While Trying To Snap A Bikini Pic

When it comes to being quarantined with young kids, I'm sure every parent can relate somewhat to Jessica Simpson's latest Instagram post.

I mean, prolly not the huge, private pool part of it, but some part of it.

I think it's safe to say Jessica Simpson and her fam are doing alright during the lockdown!

That Easter family getup is EVERYTHING and more!

When the Simpson/Johnson fam isn't dressed up, their spending their days by the pool...

Instagram | @jessicasimpson


Naturally, like the clever Insta model she is, Jessica decided to snap a cute pic of herself lounging in the pool.

Instagram | @jessicasimpson

However, with three kids around, this photo shoot was going to be easier said than done.

"Attempted gettin’ some sun and my son smacked a homerun from the driveway that almost nailed me in the face. Proof is in the splash. Needless to say, I got off the mat," Jessica captioned the pic.

Instagram | @jessicasimpson

OMG, do y'all see the splash by her head?!

Everyone in the comments was relating to Jessica's hilariously relatable pic.

Instagram | @jessicasimpson

"It never fails, my kids whack me all the time..." wrote one fan.

"If this isn't mom life I don't know what is!" wrote another.

Three cheers for all the parents whose quarantine pics have been crashed by their kiddos!

Instagram | @jessicasimpson