10+ Mistakes Fans Didn't Notice In 'Inside Out'

Inside Out is a groundbreaking animated feature. By personifying human emotions, it helped children (and adults) become more willing to talk about their feelings.

It is by no means, however, a perfect film.

It has its fair share of mistakes, both glaring and underlying. To see what I'm talking about, check out these 10+ mistakes fans didn't notice in Inside Out.

Babies don't see in color.

Walt Disney Pictures

When Riley is born, she sees both her parents in color.

However. humans don't start to differentiate colors until about 6 months after we're born.

Where'd those glasses go?

Walt Disney Pictures

In the scene where Riley is born, as the camera changes perspectives from Riley to her mother, her mom's glasses disappear.

The color changing cord.

Walt Disney Pictures

In the scene where Fear is at the control panels in Riley's mind, the extension cord is white.

But when we see it from outside her mind, the cord is black.

Bing Bong's candy tears disappear.

Walt Disney Pictures

Bing Bong has a very delectable physical trait: his tears are made of candy!

You can see one with a grey wrapper fall to the floor and then vanish in the next shot.

Didn't she leave the door open?

Walt Disney Pictures

As Riley is waiting for her parents to come upstairs and say goodnight, her door keeps switching from open, closed, and then finally open again.

Where'd the backpack go?

Walt Disney Pictures

While Riley is saying goodnight to her mother, the backpack at the foot of her sleeping bag disappears halfway through their conversation.

What happened to the papers on the floor?

Walt Disney Pictures

On Riley's first day of school, her teacher calls on her to introduce herself to the class.

Inside her head, Fear knocks over a stack of papers. Then in the next shot, the papers are gone.

The memory trolley keeps moving around.

Walt Disney Pictures

These guys are hilarious. During the scene with the memory sorters, at the beginning of the scene, their cart is angled.

When they exit, it's completely straightened out.

...and it somehow doubles in size.

Walt Disney Pictures

This whole scene is a mess!

Bing Bong is startled by Joy and runs right into the memory cart, which has somehow managed to double in size.

Vanishing umbrellas in Imagination Land.

Walt Disney Pictures

See the top of that yellow and green spotted umbrella?

By the time Bing Bong reaches the door of the shortcut, it's totally out of sight.

How did the workers get there?

Walt Disney Pictures

Joy, Sadness, and Bing Bong arrive in Imagination Land as it's being destroyed.

When the Teddy bear head begins to fall, there are no workers in sight. By the time it lands, workers have magically appeared.

Disappearing garbage cubes.

Walt Disney Pictures

A few of the workers in Imagination Land round-up Bing Bong's rocket for trash. To the left of the wagon, you can see a green cube.

After they dump the load, the cube is gone.

Why can't Fear escape headquarters?

Walt Disney Pictures

Literally 30 seconds prior to this scene, Joy and Sadness get sucked up the exact same tube.

If they can leave, why can't he?

That desk is moving.

Walt Disney Pictures

When Joy and Sadness are attempting to wake Riley up, the desk in the room keeps on changing positions over and over again.

Pay no attention to the creepy sleeping clown.

Walt Disney Pictures

Pay close attention to the hand position of Jangles the clown.

It moves around as the camera cuts between scenes.