'Harry Potter' Crochet Kit From Amazon Comes With A Wand-Shaped Crochet Hook

Okay, guys! Raise your hand if you're bored. Now keep them in the air while I shove these crochet kits in them, okay? You need them.

Author and artist Lucy Collin has quite literally written the book on crocheting in the Harry Potter world. Now you can buy her whole kit and make your own magical friends!

The kit comes LOADED with stuff.


It comes with Lucy Collin's book, Harry Potter Crochet, as well as a wand-shaped crochet hook and enough yarn to make your own Harry and Dobby.

Oh, and the wand hook? That's Harry's wand.

I would buy the kit purely for the crochet hook.

I always knew crochet was basically magic, but this confirms it!

Each project page is loaded with all the info you'll need.


Not only does it list all the materials you'll need, it gives you the dimensions of the tiny Potter friends you're making. How cute is that Harry doll? I love his little scar.

The instructions are super thorough, too.


Each step is broken down by body part, and pictures are provided to guide you on your quest to become the ultimate Harry Potter crocheter. Don't worry if you don't understand the crocheting terms yet — there's a whole guide at the front to teach them to you!

Hermione would love how detailed this is.

You can buy the kit on Amazon.


You can get your book in two forms: paperback for $12.99, or Kindle for $9.99.

The paperback comes with the supplies you'll need, but the Kindle version doesn't. So spend those Galleons and Sickles wisely!