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Crochet Decoy Hornet Nests Are An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Many people have experienced the frustration and fear that is the dreaded hornet nest. They somehow seem to appear out of nowhere, too! One day, you're out enjoying your wonderful patio, and the next, you're looking at a cave-like structure nestled perfectly in the corner of your eavestrough. While this generally may not seem like a problem, they actually can find their way right into your home.

To try and get ahead of hornet nest season, many people purchase paper decor nests to try and deter the pests from building a nest on their homes.

But, if you or someone you know is looking for a new craft project, you can actually make them yourself.

How horrifying is this?

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It's a hornet's nest, and it really is a thing of nightmares.

Many people purchase paper decoy nests in an attempt to ward off potential hornet squatters.


However, many crafty people have found clever and creative ways to make their own.

Sandy Kendall Dennis shared this photo on her Facebook timeline.

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Little did she know, her crafty hornet nest decoy hack would be liked over 6.2K times, and shared over 68K times. People seemed to really appreciate her hack.

"Hornet's nests on the outdoor patio were always a problem until 4 years ago when I crocheted and hung my fake one after reading that hornets are territorial. Not a single one since then," she wrote.

While there isn't any firm evidence that decoys actually work, there's no harm in giving this eco-friendly option a try before you waste your money on disposable paper versions.

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Etsy seller ItsBrittsKnits sells this pattern, whose stitches are meant to mimic the texture of a real hornet hive.

The pattern is also flexible enough to create various sizes.

They really don't look too far off the real thing!

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Consider crocheting it in grey to really match a hornet's nest.

The crochet hornet nests actually end up doubling as a funky outdoor ornament for your home, too!

Thrifty Fun

They're also a great way to upcycle all those plastic bags you've been hoarding.

This tutorial stuffs the faux nests with the bags to help form their shape.

Not only is this a fun and new DIY project to tackle, but you also get something useful out of it! It's a win-win.

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Will you be giving this project a try this summer? Let us know!