You Can Buy A 'Friends'-Themed Puzzle Filled With Iconic Moments From The Show

If you haven't thought about whipping out a jigsaw puzzle yet, what are you waiting for? If you need a break from reading, knitting, sudoku-ing, or staring at the ceiling, puzzles are a great mostly-mindless activity that can eat up time with ease. Not only are you working your brain, trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together, but it's fun to see the full picture come together. You can consider yourself a puzzle detective of sorts.

If you're a *Friends* fan, give your 20th binge of the series a break and try your hands at a *Friends*-themed puzzle.


Or, work on the puzzle from Firebox while watching the series.

Whatever floats your sailboat.

Once you start connecting the 500 pieces, you may notice some familiar scenes.


It's sort of like a Friends edition of Where's Waldo?, except there's more than one "Waldo" to look out for!

For example, can you spot the turkey head?

The puzzle is filled with illustrations of the iconic six besties and tons of other beloved supporting cast members.


Each new character reveal will have you saying, ""

This will be you once you connect the very last piece.

The puzzle is currently sold out right now, but you can still pre-order it here for $15.

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