8+ Clever Tools That Make Home DIYs A Breeze

Think you have every DIY tool there is? Think again. Tons of new inventions and upgrades to your faves are made every single day!

This may be bad news for your bank account, but it's great news for your DIY skills. Let's check out some of the coolest tools, shall we?

A telescoping flashlight.


For when the flashlight on your phone definitely isn't enough. The VIBELIGHT telescoping flashlight has an integrated magnet, and it extends up to 20 inches. Perfect for when you lose your keys!

Meet the Kwik-Hang.

It's about to save your life, especially if you're a renter. The Kwik-Hang is a curtain rod that gently taps right into the molding around your window. Goodbye, wall holes. Hello, holes your landlord will never see!

Lose screws and nails a lot?


Then look no further than the RAK Magnetic Wristband. It'll hold those stubborn bits of hardware that like to drop at the exact wrong moment. This is gonna change my picture hanging game, guys.

Molds aren't just for baking.

Home Depot

How cool is this? Large-scale molds can totally change what you do with concrete. Some are made for walls, while others are made to add texture to floors. Check out this rolling one! I literally do nothing involving concrete, but I still want one.

Mighty Fix-It Tape is user approved.

As Seen on TV

Before trying anything, always check the online reviews! Mighty Fix-It Tape has close to a five-star rating on Amazon. This tape is so strong and watertight that it can hold a crack in your plumbing together. Neat!

Ditch your rusted-out wheelbarrow.


It's time for something that is way easier on your back. Check out the Wheel Easy, the wheelbarrow that you load while it's collapsed on the ground! Simply lift it and wheel it where you want when you're ready.

An electric lighter will save a ton of waste.

The Grommet

Most lighters are a) made of plastic, and b) not reusable. Let's help save the environment and switch to USB lighters, which you can use to easily light candles in your home!

A wrapping paper cutter? Genius.

The Grommet

Sure, you could use scissors. And sure, you could learn to be okay with those crooked lines. But why settle for less when you could have this wrapping paper cutter that is specially designed to give you perfect cuts every single time?

Moldable rubber is about to become your go-to tool for fixing tiny problems.

The Grommet

Phone cable fraying? Wrap it in rubber. Need a place to prop your iPad? Sugru, a moldable rubber, will keep it upright. If you can dream it, you can find a way for moldable rubber to do it.

Tube squeezers will absolutely save you money.

The Big Sqeeze

Hey, I'm not picky about which one you try — just make sure you get one. It'll give you more toothpaste, makeup primer, or paint than you ever dreamed you had.

A digital tape measure will save you from guessing at a measurement.

The Grommet

Or from having to squint at the tape measure. Not everyone's eyesight is great, okay? Even with glasses on. It'll also convert all your measurements for you! I want one.

A good 'ol multi-tool for the 21st century.

The Grommet

This multi-tool boasts some unexpected features. It's a hammer, a screwdriver with multiple heads, and even a liquid level. Bet no one in your family has one of these bad boys.

This 3-in-1 jump starter.

The Grommet

Worried you don't have the tools to jump start your car? No worries, the 3-in-1 Portable Jump Starter has your back. It can boost everything up to a diesel engine, and can be recharged over 1,000 times.

A ratchet that does it all.

The Grommet

Got a job that a large ratchet can't handle? Enter the tiny ratchet. It's compact and has infinitely switchable heads, allowing you to complete any tight job with ease.

A scrubbing attachment for a drill? Of course you need that.

The Grommet

How else will you get those tough stains out? A power scrubber brush will do the work you don't want to, including scrubbing down tough grime on your tub or cleaning out grout stains!

A Pocket Monkey is exactly as adorable as it sounds.

The Grommet

This tiny Pocket Monkey not only looks cute, but is crazy helpful. It has 12 different functions, including a bottle opener, a wrench, a headphone wrap, and a ruler. Neat!

These one-handed pliers are a miracle.

The Grommet

Goodbye, callouses and hand cramps. The Bionic Grip™ Adjustable Pliers are designed specifically for your comfort, allowing easy, one-handed use that won't hurt. Remember: Work smart, not hard.

Anyone who uses tape regularly needs a tape cutter.

The Grommet

I package up a lot of things, and I am now totally considering buying one of these to save me time trying to get tape unstuck from the roll. This looks like a gift from above.

A telescoping ladder stores away easily.

The Grommet

And it's sturdy as hell — it has 17 in-depth. It also has 4.5 star reviews, all saying that it works great. The only complaint? The top could use some padding where the ladder rests against whatever surface you've propped it up on. Oh, and it's heavy. Which...duh.

This handy cutter goes right on your finger.

The Grommet

Stick this on your finger and open anything with ease. Envelopes? No problem. Wrapping paper? Done. Packing tape on boxes? Oh, it's OVER for that tape! This thing is so necessary to my happiness, tbh.

The Paint2It.


So, what is that odd disc? It's a life-changer, is what it is. The Paint2It is an anti-gravity disc that holds up to 12oz of paint. Now you can skip bending down for paint and carry it with you!

A magnetic nail holder is just a good idea.

The Grommet

For those of us who hang stuff a lot, but kind of suck at keeping the nail still? This one's for us. The Magnetic Nail Holder will save your butt — and your fingers.