15+ Funny Memes That Belong In Every Woman's Group Chat

Honestly, there's nothing I love more than finding a really good and really funny meme online, and knowing exactly which group chat it belongs in.

You know the one. It's got all the most wonderful ladies of you're life in it, just waiting for another incredible meme to be thrown into the mix so you can all share in a laugh together and remember why you're all friends in the first place.

If your ladies-only group chat has been slacking on some good memes lately, don't worry — I've got you covered.

It just hits different.

Twitter | @raichew

When a man tells me he likes my dress I feel myself physically recoiling from him.

But when a woman tells me she loves it I turn into a lil' puddle of "awh shucks" because those are the only compliments that matter.

Problem solved.

Twitter | @nottoopretty_

There's nothing quite like going into work feeling your fresh-face look, and then having every single customer ask if you've had a long day or if you didn't get enough sleep last night.

We never talk about this kind of rage but it's real.

Twitter | @sailormarspimp

I've thrown many a necklace across the room because I couldn't hook it, or because I hooked it into the little baby hairs at the back of my head, or because I pinched my finger in the hook.

Necklaces just aren't worth the hassle.

"He likes dogs, it says so on his 2004 MySpace page."

When any of my friends start dating someone new, I automatically turn into a hacker for the FBI. Want to know the name of every single one of his ex-girlfriends, where he went to elementary school, and whether or not he can speak French?

Just give me 5 minutes.

That's it.

Instagram | @30somethingaf

I like posts like these because it takes experiences you think are totally indescribable and somehow manages to find the perfect words for them.

Ain't it the truth.

No pain, no masterpiece.

Twitter | @h0tcheetomami

Sometimes you gotta take a mascara wand to the eye if you wanna walk away looking like an absolute snack worthy of the Louvre.

We'll get through this together.


When my high school crush of three years (who I never once spoke to) started dating his girlfriend, I went into a really dark place. But with the help of my super supportive friends, I was able to move on with my life.

And I'm better because of it.

This is what we've been preparing for.

Instagram | @mommymemest

You can shimmy all you want but when that credit card bill comes in, nothing will be able to distract that man from finding out you spend $200 on a Mickey Mouse-shaped waffle iron.

It be like that.


This is what I show my boyfriend when he complains about the number of products I have in the shower, versus the bottle of "10-in-1" he uses.

Didn't see that one coming.

Twitter | @thedryginger

Not sure I can really relate to this one but it's nice to think about it happening to someone.

No turning back now.


Look, I realized I was being totally irrational like, 5 minutes ago, but if you think I'm about to stop pouting and apologize? Haha, think again.

We're all in this together.

Twitter | @carolinesavo

The day I stopped comparing myself to other women and criticizing them was the day I really started living.

We get enough of that from men, we don't need to start unreasonably hating on each other. Women gotta support other women.

"As it turns out no, I do not like this shade of red whatsoever."

Twitter | @jenlapcomedy

It's also like deciding a new hairstyle. You think you can werk it and then you find yourself sitting in the salon chair forty minutes later, staring at your new bangs in the mirror and realizing you should never be allowed to make any decisions about anything ever.

Maybe someday.


Do these kinds of bathtubs even exist?

I've only ever known a world where half of my body has to stick out of the water at all times, and I have to decide whether it'll be my legs and knees or the girls.

Save yourself the embarassment.


You're just wasting her time and your own if you try and come up with some sort of B.S. answer. Just tell the truth and deal with the consequences that are already in progress.

Judy understands.


I used to devour these kinds of magazine articles when I was a pre-teen. And then I grew up and realized men aren't the ones you should be trying to impress.

It's the opinion of drunk women in night club bathrooms that really matter.

Whoop, there it is.

Twitter | @WhitneyCummings

This tweet has the same energy as this one that says, "Too many men don’t realize the friend zone is actually 'the creepy guy I’m nice to so he doesn’t commit crimes on me' zone."

Is that too much to ask?

Twitter | @SamanthaMatt1

For too long I have forced myself to order a side salad with my meals for fear of not being able to wear that cute pair of shorts I love.

We need to fix this problem ASAP. Scientists of the world, kindly get on this.

This is me in every photo from high school.

Twitter | @isabellahknarr

Look, I don't know why my "friends" never told me my pony didn't have to be that damn tight. But I just wish someone would have spoken up eventually so I wouldn't have spent four years looking like this damn egg while thinking I looked like hot s*** because not a single hair was out of place.

Ya never know.


That show How To Get Away With Murder is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, and you best believe women watching are taking notes while giving their man the ol' side-eye.

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