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Jimmy Fallon's Daughter Adorably Interrupts His Interview With Halle Berry — Twice

Working from home is a dream for a lot of people, but that isn't to say that it doesn't come with its only challenges: mainly children. Something that Jimmy Fallon knows all about.

In a recent interview with actress Halle Berry, Jimmy had an unexpected visit from his daughter Winnie. She interrupted not once, but twice. Proving that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Jimmy Fallon has been broadcasting from home.

Jimmy is one of several late-night stars live-streaming from the comfort of his home.

The show has gone on, for the most part, as it always has.

Jimmy spoke with Russel Westbrook about the time he blew off meeting Michael Jordan to play basketball.

Jimmy still hosts his normal guests and plays a number of games with the audience at home.

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Jimmy's latest quarantine game #hashtags has become a weekly favorite.

But as parents know, being at home isn't all fun and games...

We're all in this together! Which can be challenging at times.

There are a whole set of new challenges and obstacles that have to be overcome. Mainly: children.

We try to keep to a set schedule, but when kids are in the house: all bets are off.

Jimmy learned this the hard way during a recent interview with Halle Berry.

An unexpected guest 'crashed' Jimmy's interview with Halle and made quite the impression.

Jimmy's young daughter Winnie decided to pop in for a quick hello.

The way she unapologetically storms in is absolutely adorable. It seems like Winnie's inherited her dad's flair.

Halle was more than happy to chat awhile with the young girl.

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Halle was happy to visit. She even made a point of saying how their dresses were similar.

After her quick hello, Winnie left leaving Jimmy a little embarassed...

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"Sorry, happens all the time," the late-night host said, sheepishly.

He warned that we had probably not seen the last of Winnie.

...and he was right. In no time Winnie was back to soak up more camera time with her dad.

YouTube | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

It didn't seem to bother Winnie at all that she was being broadcast to an audience of millions. In fact, she seemed to enjoy it!

Halle told her a story of how she had to cut off her daughter's hair after an unfortunate swimming mishap.

YouTube | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Apparently, Halle's daughter had become neglectful about brushing her hair. The chlorine hardened in her scalp and Halle had to shave her daughter bald!

Jimmy seemed to appreciate Halle's warning. Clearly, his daughter Winnie is not a fan of brushing her hair either.

"This is why you have to brush your hair, Win!" Jimmy exclaimed, jokingly.

This isn't the first time Jimmy's daughters have made a cameo appearance.

They've popped up on a few different occasions, ever since Jimmy first began airing from home.

It seems like Winnie especially is quickly becoming a rising star.

She's a natural on camera! I wonder if she'll become a regular part of the show once Jimmy returns to NBC?

Could she become the first female host of *The Tonight Show*?

With adorable content like this, she's well on her way.

What are some of the work from home challenges you've encountered with your kids during isolation? Leave a comment and let us know!