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Bloody Mary Tree Branches Make Loading Up Your Drink With Epic Garnishes A Breeze

Bloody Marys are pretty great as-is, but everyone knows the best part of the hangover elixir is the epic garnishes that have come to represent the cocktail.

However, you may be wondering how you can load your own Bloody Mary up with ease at home, and there's a product that is about to be a staple for an epic Bloody Mary bar.

Say goodbye to your collection of toothpicks and skewers, because Bloody Mary tree branches are here to save your cocktail.

Uncommon Goods

No more having to fumble with sticks to try and get an Instagrammable shot of your loaded cocktail.

These trees are cleverly designed to fit right into your glass and effortlessly hold all the garnishes of your dreams.

Uncommon Goods

They're stainless steel, so there won't be any bending or breaking, or garnish tragedies.

You'll also be able to reuse them, which makes the planet very happy.

If you ever wanted to try loading up sliders, chicken wings, pickles, celery, and more on one drink, now you can with no problem in sight.

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You can also add as many trees as your glass will fit and really make your cocktail an epic photo op for The Gram.

These are definitely a new staple for your at-home bar.

Instagram | @nodproducts

Find them for $25 from Nod Products, or $20 from Uncommon Goods.

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