Babies Get Adorably Pampered At This Special Spa Designed Just For Them

We're all pretty stressed these days and could use a spa day. Am I right? What about if you were re a baby? Should you indulge in a spa day as well? It turns out, that's actually a thing.

A spa in Australia offers high-class hydrotherapy and massages for babies. Yes, I said babies. LOL! Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever heard? Wait until you see the pictures.

At this unique spa, babies get to float in a warm bath with soft waves in a patented device called 'The Bubby'.

And it looks like a dream to me.

This super cute device keeps babies comfy and safe while they float around to their heart's content.

My question is, "Where can I sign up for that?" Hee, hee.

It's also a perfect environment for parents and their tykes to have a bonding experience while the babies enjoy getting used to the water before they move on to swimming.

This sounds so cool!

This hydrotherapy is not only fun for the babies but the movement also helps them to develop muscle and bone strength in the most adorable way.

OMG, I can't stop watching.

But, don't worry — the spa ensures that the water the babies float in is purified with ozone, which kills bacteria in shared basins while being totally safe for the babes.

Nothing to worry about!

After the floating is overm these little tykes are also given a gentle massage with grape seed oil which moisturizes their soft skin.

OMG, that sounds amazing to me.

Why do I wish I was a little baby right about now? Ha, ha!

This pampering is giving me all the good feels. This little one is definitely on cloud nine.

I bet after all this pampering at the spa, all the babies feel rested and stay asleep for a while.

So the parents can actually get some much-needed rest themselves. Ha, ha!

Just when I thought I've seen it all.

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I never thought I would be writing about a spa for babies, but, there you have it. Yay or nay?

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