10+ Tweets From Married Couples Who Can't Wait For Quarantine To End

Couples are now stuck together thanks to quarantine, and let's just say not all of them are loving all this together time. If you ever had to be stuck with your romantic partner for an extended period of time with no escape, you, too, will relate to these couples.

Let's just hope the old saying, "what doesn't break you, makes you stronger," rings true for these love birds.

1. Stop Doing That

Ha, ha, ha! It seems to me that someone finally had the courage to call the other person on their s**t. Thanks, quarantine. LOL!

2. This Fun Game

Twitter | @ericspiegelman

Oh, I think this is one game no guy wants to play. Like ever. It doesn't matter if it's quarantine or any other time.

3. It's Come To This

Oh no, this isn't a good sign. When you can no longer have meals together because the chewing of the other person annoys you, it's over.

4. When Mistakes Happen Or Do They?

Twitter | @Beagz

OMG, that is hilarious. I'm rolling on the floor there. Was that an actual mistake or did he do it on purpose?

5. This Lovely Note

I guess this is what she gets for actually annoying him. Serves her right. No seriously, I would get pretty peeved if my hubby did that.

6. This Sudden Turn Of Events

Twitter | @MommaUnfiltered

Well, at least he has a job. LOL! But all things serious now, it just takes a little bit more patience. Okay? Got it?

7. When It Ain't Amusing Anymore

Twitter | @XplodingUnicorn

I dunno what this guy's problem is. I would love for someone to keep reading me these fun facts. Am I weird or what?

8. When The Truth Hurts

Ah, ha, ha, ha! Did she say that out loud? I hope this was said with her inner voice. I feel slightly bad for this guy.

9. This Dream Crusher

Oh, this reminds me of when my partner and I dream about opening a restaurant, too. I hope it doesn't end this way for us. Yikes!

10. This Sad Reality

Twitter | @SladeWentworth

Gone are the days where you went to work to escape your real wife and you got to hang with your cool work wife instead.

11. This Coincidence

I have an easy fix. Just order a damn deodorant online. On the other hand, you could just pretend that all online retailers are out of stock if that was your plan all along. Wink, wink.

12. Things Quarantine Does To You

Oh, I hear you girl. Before being stuck at home with our guys you couldn't get them to do anything. Now, they're suddenly experts.

13. This Retaliation Threat

Oh my gosh. If this isn't a frustrated wife, I dunno what is. Thankfully my fiancé doesn't do that because that would be totally unacceptable.

If there's something mandatory quarantine teaches you is to choose your life partners wisely.

Remember that for next time the world is going down the tubes. Ha, ha!