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Josh Brolin Apologizes For Breaking Quarantine To Visit Parents: 'It Was Irresponsible'

It's important that we're all following proper social distancing strategies, even when it's tough. It might feel safe to go spend a brief visit with your family, but unfortunately, we can't know who's carrying the virus and who isn't. This is true even if you're a celebrity.

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Josh Brolin learned this the hard way when he shared an image of himself spending time with his father James Brolin and his step-mother Barbra Streisand.

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After facing backlash, Josh deleted the picture and uploaded a video apologizing. “My father lives next door to us, and we had a plan to go see them and not be near them and that plan was broken and that’s our responsibility,” he began.

“I think it was irresponsible," he continued.

Instagram | @joshbrolin

“You know, it’s hard to be honest sometimes. It’s hard to be honest and say, ‘Maybe I screwed up’ and I knew that that was in the air," Josh stated.

Josh explained that the backlash didn't upset him, but made him aware of his own mistake.

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"The responses brought me back to my own truth and it’s humbling as hell, man, because I know there’s some people out there that [have] no masks, no gloves, no interest in it," he said.

“I do feel responsible to my fellow man, period. So, my apologies."

"I’m not an advocate of doing anything outside of taking care of each other and making sure we get through this. Even if we go overboard and are too protective, at least we’re doing it for a reason," Josh finished.

While many fans applauded his ability recognize a mistake, not everyone felt he should have apologized.

"You didn't violate any law," said one Instagram comment, while another added that "Oh, The Karens of the world had an issue."

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