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Harry And Meghan Write Strongly-Worded Letter Severing Ties With Four Major Tabloids

Harry and Meghan may not be officially part of the royal family anymore, but they are still the king and queen when it comes to not standing for any BS from the media, as a new scathing letter addressed to four major British tabloids prooves.

The letter was addressed to the editors of The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, and Daily Express.

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“It is gravely concerning that an influential slice of the media, over many years, has sought to insulate themselves from taking accountability for what they say or print – even when they know it to be distorted, false, or invasive beyond reason," Harry and Meghan wrote in the letter.

"When power is enjoyed without responsibility, the trust we all place in this much-needed industry is degraded."

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“There is a real human cost to this way of doing business and it affects every corner of society. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have watched people they know — as well as complete strangers — have their lives completely pulled apart for no good reason, other than the fact that salacious gossip boosts advertising revenue.”

“With that said, please note that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not be engaging with your outlet," the letter stated.

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"There will be no corroboration and zero engagement. This is also a policy being instated for their communications team, in order to protect that team from the side of the industry that readers never see."

"This policy is not about avoiding criticism. It’s not about shutting down public conversation or censoring accurate reporting."

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"Media have every right to report on and indeed have an opinion on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, good or bad. But it can’t be based on a lie," the couple wrote.

Meghan and Harry were clear that this was not a "blanket policy" for all media.

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The couple added that they were "looking forward" to working with other journalists from all over the world.

It's awesome to see them standing up for themselves!