Samsung's TV Boxes Can Be Upcycled Into Cute Little Cat Houses

I don't know about you, but I've certainly become more conscious about consumer packaging over the years. When I receive an online order, it's hard not to cringe at the amount of packaging used to carry a tiny non-fragile item.

Thankfully, some companies are beginning to take action regarding their part in the waste produced by their packaging.

Samsung, in particular, has made a line of TV boxes eco-friendly.


Not only are they made with corrugated cardboard to be easily recycled, but they also turn into functional household upcycle projects.

If you order The Serif, The Frame, and The Sero TVs, you'll be able to make some fun household items.


Like a cute cat house!

Why not, right?


You'll be able to enjoy your new TV while your feline friend enjoys a new toy, too.

You can also turn the boxes into a media stand, shelves, as well as a magazine rack.


Most importantly, their minimal and sleek design means they'll easily gel with any decor style.

Hopefully more companies piggyback off of Samsung's eco-friendly idea. I'm looking a you, Bezos!

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