Woman Photoshops Her Cat’s Face Onto Bees

In the modern digital age, photo editing is easier than ever. While some use it professionally, touching up photos of models or landscapes to make beautiful pieces of art, some people use it to turn their cat into a bee, which also results in beautiful pieces of art.

The picture was posted to Reddit and quickly gained traction, spreading like wildfire.

Reddit | mattjh

User mattjh made the post on the subreddit r/funny with the title, "My sister keeps photoshopping her cat’s face onto bees". It garnered a ton of attention, shooting up to be one of the most popular posts that day.

Many people loved it, commenting on how much that cat's face fit naturally onto the bee.

Unsplash | Stefan Ivanov

Or saying how grumpy the cat looks. "That’s the most pissed off bee I’ve ever seen," wrote user Admirable_Hawk, while WamboNr5 said, "It's weird af but somehow the cats face fits. I am really confused."

It was posted across a few other subreddits, some even conflicting in view.

Shared to both r/oddlysatisfying and r/oddlyterrifying, it seems overall reactions were a little mixed.

The most important subreddit it got shared to, though, was r/HybridAnimals.

Reddit | Daft-Vader

HybridAnimals is a whole subreddit full of, you guessed it, animals spliced with either other animals or objects using Photoshop. Like these bearpacas.

So thanks to one post, I've now found my new favorite place on the internet.

Reddit | charl_de_waal

Thanks catbee, I'll now be spending the rest of my week scrolling through animal hybrids, this is truly a new joy.