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You Can Pay To Have A Goat Or Llama Crash Your Next Video Meeting

Have your Zoom conference calls been feeling pretty stale lately? Are you finding your attention has been wandering, your interest waning, and your eyes drooping while your boss rattles on about reports and numbers and other nonsense?

If so, I think I've just found the perfect way for you to add a little excitement to the boardroom and a little joy to your coworkers' hearts, all from the comfort of your own home!

Introducing "Goat 2 Meeting", the service that lets you literally invite a real life goat or llama to crash your corporate conference calls. (No, seriously.)

I promise this is 100% a real service that is being offered by an animal sanctuary in Silicon Valley, California.

Sweet Farm

According to Business Insider, Sweet Farm is renting out its supply of adorable goats and llamas to anyone who needs to spice up their next Zoom meeting.

For less than $100 you can request a barnyard animal to make a cameo appearance during the video chat where they'll appear live, right there with you, your boss, and all your coworkers.

If you're looking for a different face to appear in your chat, don't worry — Sweet Farm has plenty for you to choose from.

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According to their website, you can arrange a "Goat 2 Meeting" appearance from sheep, pigs, cows, or turkeys, but llamas and goats are definitely the most popular options.

Prices range from $65 for a simple virtual tour of the farm to $100 for a cheeky 10-minute barnyard animal cameo. If you're a teacher, you can even book a virtual field trip so your students can get up close and personal with some barn animals, all without leaving their home!

Since they began offering the service back in March, Sweet Farm said they've received more than 300 cameo requests.

"I think we're all a little stressed with what's going on — many of us have been sitting inside," Farm co-founder Anna Sweet told Business Insider. "We're just hoping to bring some smiles to people's faces while bringing them out to the farm at the same time."

If you're interested in booking an adorable llama or goat to appear in your next video meeting, simply fill out this form on the Sweet Farm website!

h/t: Business Insider, Sweet Farm

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