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Look Up Tonight — The Annual Lyrid Meteor Shower Is Here

Every year, stargazers look forward to April's Lyrid meteor shower and in 2020, conditions are looking right for a particularly impressive show.

Weather-permitting, of course.

The Lyrid shower occurs every April, beginning around the 16th and ending around the 30th.

But the peak, when the most meteors will be falling, always hovers around the April 20-22 date range.

This year, experts are saying that the best time to see the show is the night of April 21, with the largest cluster of showers occurring near dawn on April 22.

The show is most easily seen in the Northern Hemisphere.

To find the perfect view, look toward the constellation Lyra, after which the shower is named. You'll find it high in the sky just northeast of Vega, one of the brightest stars in the sky right now.

In the Southern Hemisphere, you can still find Lyra, but it will be closer to the horizon.

Of course, you need a clear, dark sky for the best view.

While weather will differ depending on your location, there is some good news. The moon will be a waxing crescent, which means it will be reflecting less light and the night will be darker.

And as a weird side effect of the novel coronavirus crisis, air pollution is much lower in places practicing social distancing and self-isolation.

So why not head out of the city and watch for yourself on April 21?

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It can be a lot of fun, especially for families in need of a little fresh air.

h/t: EarthSky