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Quotes For When The Hardest Decisions Are The Right Ones

Every day we make a million tiny decisions. What to wear, what to eat, which tasks are priorities, and how best to tackle them. Often, we don't even realize the decision is made. It's just something we do naturally.

Then there are those more serious decisions that can affect your future. What college to go to and for what courses. Whether to say yes to that promotion or proposal. Whether or not it's time to cut a toxic person out of your life for good.

When we are faced with these hard decisions, we often look to friends or family for guidance.


Hearing different perspectives on a problem is great, but ultimately, the decision is still yours to make.

Everyone is going to come at a problem based on their own priorities and biases. Knowing who you are and what you want can help you cut through the clutter of options.

Because putting off a decision just makes it harder and harder.

For some, it's that deadlines approach and panic builds. What if you choose the wrong school simply because if you don't choose it, you'll lose the opportunity entirely?

For others, the longer you wait, the harder it is to make the change needed. A toxic relationship can keep tangling you in its net until getting out seems impossible.

But you'll get it done. We believe in you.

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Be mindful of your own wants and needs, and those decisions can be made. Once you've decided on a path, all there is to do next is execute.

Take the next step. Make a list or a plan. Get through the woods of indecision and into the sunshine on the other side.

Some decisions hurt so very, very much.

Often, they are the hardest ones of all.

But they are also the most powerful. Make that decision, execute the plan on your own or with the help of trusted people, and become stronger for it.

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