Stunning Lamps Bring The Calming Beauty Of The Galaxy To Your Home

Hi, meet your next obsession: the Galaxy Lamp. Shaped like the moon and filled with colour changing LED lights, the Galaxy Lamp is like the grown-up version of a star projector!



What did I tell you? This lamp is seriously out of this world! (You're welcome, all my bad puns come free of charge.)

This is the Galaxy Lamp by GalaxyLamp.co, and it's the original of its kind.

It comes in 3 different sizes.


They call them "papa, mama, and baby" sizes, which is too adorable for words.

Each one comes with a custom wooden stand, but can be removed and placed on any surface.

It also changes colors.


Using the included remote, you can choose between 16 colors to create a galaxy fantasy on your walls!

You can also change the brightness and pattern frequency at the touch of a button.

It uses NASA images to give the most authentic galaxy experience.


You can get it on GalaxyLamp.co starting at $40. It has dozens of five-star reviews, so you know you're going to get your money's worth!

For the mama and papa sizes? They run for $50 and $60 each.