10+ Gorgeous Shed Makeovers That Prove They Can Do More Than Store Junk

Do you have a shed just sitting and taking up space in your backyard? Have no fear, shed makeovers are here.

From home offices to hangout spots, these people have turned their rundown sheds into something truly special.

How fun does this hangout spot look?

On Instagram, @2beesinapod refers to it as a "SheShed," aka a nice spot to hang out on the weekends with your friends! Those armchairs look so comfy that I am now dying to take a nap in one.

An art shed is just a good idea.

How tranquil would it be to have an entire art studio away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? This studio is well on its way to becoming a creative retreat.

This small business owner turned her shed into a boutique!

She now stores all of her vintage treasures, plants, and handmade items in her shed boutique. It's the perfect space to both work and sell out of! Those white walls are so clean and bright, too.

From shed to fun kid zone.

What's an empty shed to do? In this case, it becomes the world's coolest treehouse. There's even a loft for sleepovers, a rope ladder, and so much more! Oh, to be a kid with this awesome shed.

This one became a mini yoga studio.

Complete with a snoozing dog! This amazing shed makeover has huge, open windows, wood floors, and exposed brick! Why is this shed literally nicer than my apartment? I'm so jealous.

A garden getaway.

The outdoors came indoors with this beautiful shed! It looks more like a nursery now than anything else, which is so aesthetically pleasing. Imagine kicking back and browsing your phone in here. That would be amazing.

You can use your shed for a ton of extra things in warmer climates.

Like this outdoor bookshelf! For people who live in warm, relatively mild climates, outdoor bookshelves and reading areas are serious possibilities for your shed rehabs. Imagine having a whole outdoor library!

This shed is next level.

It clearly went through a major refurbishment to become this super stylish home office! Those windows and the light they let in would make work a total joy. And that wallpaper? I need it.

This shed became a gin shed.

Which is the absolute funniest thing ever. I love the honesty of it. On nights when going out isn't an option, simply hit up your home bar and kick back with a cool one!

I want this exact art studio.

It's hard to believe so much fit into such a small space, but all of it looks so effortless! This home art studio has a comfy padded bench, a stool, and room for an easel! It's stunning.

The ultimate guest room.

A night under the stars never looked so glamorous. Just make sure your guests have somewhere to go to the bathroom nearby, okay? Things could get messy otherwise. Just a tip.

This art studio seriously doubles as a home office.

Look how big that desk is! There's so much space for tons of different art projects in here. I like the split between carpet and vinyl — it perfectly separates work from play!

This shed is just for scrapbooking.

Named after the Weasley's house in Harry Potter , the Burrow is a scrapbooking retreat that other scrapbookers must be so jealous of! I've never had that many scrapbooking supplies, but, boy, would I like to.

Hello, cozy reading nook!

This nook is in the middle of a studio shed. It boasts arts and crafts supplies, fresh flowers, and tons and tons of mementos. Your shed can be a representation of your personality with small touches like that!

The side of this shed is an outdoor kitchen.

Hello, dream outdoor area. This tiny kitchen/entertaining space has a small barbecue, some decor, lots of space for wood, and room to prepare food for a meal outside! I want this.

How is this a shed?!

This looks like a living room! This shed is the perfect hangout space for summer days, or a great space to retreat to when you need to get some alone time.

This honestly looks like a tiny home.

Or like someone designed a living room and just separated it from a house. How nice would it be to just relax in here, or get some work done during the day?

They call this one a man cave.

It's full of antiques, vinyl records, vintage bottles, and old tools. It's the ideal home office for someone who really appreciates the older, finer things in life! Check out the records on the ceiling, too!

Now this is a shed upgrade.

It's still true to its shed roots, but with some major organization upgrades. There's truly a place for everything, including every garden tool you could possibly dream of. Heck yes.

Why not let a shed be for the kids?

Tired of having kid clutter all over the house? Take that stuff out to the shed and give them a space to mess up of their own. Ah, peace and quiet.


You know what a shed makeover is for? Pug parties, and pug parties ONLY. Not art studios, or man caves, or outdoor living rooms. Pug parties with flamingo decorations, and that's it.

This tea area is to die for.

Click through for the before of this amazing transformation! It's incredible how far paint can take a place. Some proper flooring, string lights, and plants really created the ultimate breakfast nook.