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Mom Creates Cute Interactive Chalk Murals To Keep Daughters Entertained In Quarantine

People are finding plenty of ways to stay occupied and busy while cooped up at home social distancing. People are getting back to their ancestral roots, baking, journaling, reading, crafting, playing music, or, more modernly, TikToking to combat boredom and enjoy their time at home.

This can be a difficult time for parents, who may not be used to having to entertain their kids all day every day, since they'd normally be in school.

Facebook | Stacy Lazzara

But one Illinois mom found a way to keep she and her kids entertained while in quarantine.

Stacy Lazarra has been creating cool scenic chalk murals in her driveway that the kids can have some fun with, too.

Facebook | Stacy Lazzara

"I decided to show my 7-year-old daughter just how much adventure she can get into without leaving our driveway," she wrote in a Facebook post.

If you can't go to the skatepark, bring it to you!

Stacy's kids are able to experience a host of places without having to actually travel anywhere.

Facebook | Stacy Lazzara

It may not be the real deal, but it's better than not going anywhere!

We could all use a little more imagination and adventure right now, even if it means bringing the adventure to our driveways.

Facebook | Stacy Lazzara

Check out her other murals on her Facebook page.

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