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Martha Stewart Is Encouraging Everyone To Have A 'Relaxing' Cocktail (Or Two) A Day To 'Soothe' Us

Martha Stewart is the perfect combo of domestic goddess and boss betch.

She is classy and sassy, and never ever trashy, even when she's drunk on Instagram.

She is also the master of the cocktail. Your foodie fav could never.

Unless it's Ina Garten, in which case the queens are tied!

In case you missed it, Martha Stewart had a lil' tipsy fun this past week commenting on her friend's Instagram post, because *of course* Martha has friends that run a hen house.

She was a few glasses of wine deep because who ISN'T at this point?!

Now, Martha is addressing the masses to let them know that yes, she, a 78-year-old GROWN WOMAN, likes a glass of wine or three.

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"I couldn’t say [wine] is a necessity but boy does it help," she told Elle Décor editor Whitney Robinson on Instagram live.

She couldn't deny she loves a cocktail when the day is done, "At the end of the day, a relaxing little cocktail.”

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"Despite what you’ll read...I’m not a big drinker,” she joked.

"I rarely get tipsy but I can nurse a bot … I can nurse a glass of wine very nicely by adding ice cubes."

Martha concluded by saying that a cocktail or glass of wine does "soothe you. It makes us feel festive when it’s hard to feel festive and a little bit celebratory when it’s hard to feel celebratory."

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