A 51,300-Piece Puzzle Exists, And It Will Definitely Keep Us Busy For Awhile

People are finding many ways to occupy their time at home. Many people are finding a newfound love for baking, or have downloaded an array of apps to help them connect with friends and family around the world. But game companies, in particular, are actually seeing the sales of jigsaw puzzles rise exponentially since social distancing orders have taken place. Jigsaw puzzles have always been the ultimate time-filler, and they couldn't be more topical today.

A 1,000-piece puzzle can already be challenging as-is, but the folks over at Kodak were like, "Hold my puzzle piece," and created a monstrosity of a puzzle.

Kodak's World's Largest Puzzle will definitely tide you over during the pandemic.


That's because the puzzle contains a whopping 51,300 pieces.

Hopefully they don't have to count each piece manually...

The puzzle is filled with picturesque scenes from an array of countries around the world, 27 to be exact.


Altogether, the pieces create a 342" by 75" monstrosity, or a 28.5-foot by 6.25-foot puzzle.

Here's what is will look like in real life.

Serious Puzzles

Hope you have a big enough room!

I think this puzzle is actually the size of my apartment.

You definitely don't want to be losing a piece from this puzzle.

If you're up for the challenge and feel like you have all the patience in the world, you can order your own on Amazon for a whopping $569.99.

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