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Jason Bateman's Daughter Adorably Crashed His Interview With Jimmy Kimmel

Working from home definitely has its challenges, and if you have kids, it probably has a few extra. Lots of us know the feeling of being in a Zoom meeting or an important Skype call and one of the participants' children goes running by screaming in the background.

Even celebrities have to deal with this!

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In a frankly adorable video, actor Jason Bateman experienced this firsthand.

While being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel, Jason's 8-year-old daughter made a very important cameo from behind a giant glass window. Jason, of course, took it in stride.

"There goes Maple," he said, smiling. "Say hi to Jimmy!"

Maple waved through the glass, and then Jason joked that, "You see, I keep her outside. That way, there's more food for me inside the house."

A pretty good strategy!

Talking about his daughter, Jason revealed he was struggling with her second-grade homework and home schooling.

"It's amazing how much I don't know," he said. "Long division is very difficult. I'm great with art. I'm great with setting up the Zoom sessions. Changing the backgrounds—I do know how to do that."

You can watch the adorable interview right here.

It's honestly refreshing to see that celebrities are dealing with the same issues that we are and handling them with just about the same amount of expertise!