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Fans Are Concerned After Chadwick Boseman Posts Video Showing Dramatic Weight Loss

Chadwick Boseman fans are concerned for the actor after a video he shared highlighted a dramatic weight loss. In it, he is promoting a charity that focuses on hospitals serving the disproportionately affected African American community.

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Chadwick Boseman is best known for his titular role in *Black Panther*.

Obviously, like any actor playing the part of a superhero, Chadwick had to seriously bulk up for the role. He reprised the role in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game.

Obviously, people are used to seeing him with a particular physique.

When Chadwick shared a post that showed his off-screen physique, fans became worried that the difference in appearance could be the result of a health concern.

Chadwick recently shared a video on his Instagram.

Instagram | @chadwickboseman

"I am hearing stories of desperation from people all over the country, and we know our communities are suffering the most and urgently need help," he wrote, revealing that Operation 42 would be donating 4.2 million dollars in Personal Protective Equipment for hospitals that serve the African American communities who have been hit the hardest.

"Thank you, Jackie, for refusing to accept the world as it is, for showing us that we can make a difference."

However, fans were quick to notice that in the video, Chadwick appeared incredibly thin, with one user writing, "While your words are so impactful, your dramatic weight loss is taking precedence because it is not what we are used to."

Fans were concerned.

While it is not clear if the weight loss is for an acting role, many fans took to the comments and to social media to express their concerns: "You good bro? Seriously," one commenter wrote.

"I just can't believe my eyes," one comment read.

Instagram | @chadwickboseman

"Chadwick boseman on his IG looking hella thin. is he ok? That [expletive] got me concerned," one fan tweeted.

Some people have been looking for a less worrying justification.

Many fans have been asking for clarification on whether this weight loss is due to an acting role, but Chadwick has not commented yet.

April Reign, an activist who has met Chadwick "a few times" came to his defense.

She wrote that, in her experience, Chadwick is "naturally thin" despite having to "bulk up" for a few roles, adding that she thinks he's "fine, y'all."

Other fans were disappointed that his message was buried under this drama.

Fans pointed out that Chadwick made the video to raise awareness about a cause and donation that was important to him, yet it was being overshadowed by comments about his appearance.

Some fans thought it was rude to be commenting on his appearance at all.

"People clowning Chadwick Boseman because he looks thin is cruel. What if he’s sick," one fan tweeted, adding that "people can be so disgusting."

While it doesn't look like Chadwick plans to comment on this issue, it's good to see that fans have his back and care about him.

It's also amazing to see him take part in Operation 42 and show up for the causes that he's passionate about!