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Jimmy Fallon Told The Adorable Story Of How His Wife 'Messed Up' His Proposal

While it's certainly a struggle for some people to work from home, seeing talk show hosts get creative with their shows from their homes has been a unique treat. Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy took the audience for a stroll on a recent episode of The Tonight Show and proved that working from home can be a good thing.

Jimmy and Nancy took a walk as Jimmy explained the story of how he proposed.

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Jimmy said he had called Nancy's parents and her brother to get their approval on proposing, but the night he planned on doing it didn't go as planned. He said to Nancy that when she got home, "what happened was, you messed everything up for me."

"You get to the door and you go, 'I have a surprise for you.'"

YouTube | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

"I go, 'I hope it doesn't mess up my surprise,' which was the big thing. I got the ring," he continued.

Her surprise was reservations at an acclaimed restaurant in the city that the couple had been dying to go to, but it wasn't where Jimmy wanted to propose.

"I was going to get engaged in, like, Gramercy Park or something that will just always be around. Something classic," he said.

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"I didn't want to go to a restaurant because, what if in 30 years, the restaurant changes hands? Now it's a laser tag place. Now, it's like, 'Kids this is where your mom and I got engaged—at the laser tag house,'" he joked.

He then planned on proposing after dinner, but soon realized the dinner was 14 courses long.

Jimmy revealed that he lost his nerve and didn't propose until four months later at Nancy's family's summer house in New Hampshire

"As soon as I even remotely pulled the ring out of my pocket, I start crying," he recalled. "I get down on one knee and I'm, like, shaking…My voice is, like, quivering. It looks like I'm having a heart attack," Jimmy revealed.

You can watch the entire sweet story for yourself right here!