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'Queen Of Hearts' Petunias Are Royally Beautiful

If you're a flower lover like me, you're probably starting to think of a unique bloom you can add to your garden collection this spring. And, I've got a real gem for you.

The "Queen of Hearts" petunia is not only easy to grow outdoors but it's a total stunner. When you introduce it to your garden you'll be the envy of all your neighbors. Believe me.

So why is this flower called "Queen of Hearts", you ask?

Well, I'm here to enlighten you. It's because of its unique and striking appearance that it's pretty unforgettable.

It blooms with stunning bi-color flowers with red and yellow striped petals.

The pattern actually forms a beautiful heart as the petals meet. Isn't that amazing?

This awesome flower would be perfect to display around your property in hanging baskets, window boxes, as well as other interesting containers.

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You really oughta give them a try.

You'll easily recognize this bloom by its five red hearts on each 2.5-inch blossom.

And of course, the yellow provides the contrasting color that makes this flower stand out.

This stunner will bloom from early spring through to late autumn and give you an amazing display of boldness and color.

You won't want to take your eyes off it.

As I mentioned before, not only is this flower gorgeous to look at but it's actually easy to take care of, too.

It grows nicely in enriched, well-draining soil.

It loves to bloom in full sun in cooler summer regions, but warmer regions will require some shade so it won't get scorched in the sun.

It's that simple.

You should feed it monthly with a high-iron fertilizer.

That way you'll have plenty of blooms for the entire summer and fall season. So it's totally worth it.

These plants exhibit unbelievable spirit as they produce an abundance of large, colorful flowers. Sometimes these gorgeous flowers will completely smother the entire plant.


But that's actually a good thing.

You can definitely sow these pretty blooms at home but they will need to be started in the heat in late winter.


Then, you can transfer them outdoors.

The Surfinia and Million Bells bush varieties are ideal for pots and great in hanging baskets. In fact, a well-fed Surfinia can cascade over one meter.



These will be a beautiful ornament to any entrance of the house and can welcome your guests upon arrival.


But they can get spoiled by heavy rains, so be sure to monitor water intake.

Don't worry though, all you need to do is to pick off the faded flowers and they will begin to bloom some more.


And, look just as gorgeous as before.

I'm pretty amazed by the striking appearance of this gorgeous flower.

I think it would add great contrast to any outdoor garden or patio. So, go get it now!