Feast Like You're In The Great Hall With 'Harry Potter' Pancake Molds

It's finally time. Time for what, you ask? Time to for Harry Potter fans to fulfill a lifelong dream: dining like you're eating in the Great Hall.

And it's all thanks to Williams Sonoma.

Eating in the wizarding world looks fun as eff.

Not only are you joined by ghosts, but House Elves make your dinner. Also, it magically appears in front of you! And there's always enough for seconds!

We can't have any of that, but we can have some pretty cool pancakes.

See? Cool!

Williams Sonoma

Hi, new favorite pancakes!

Williams Sonoma released these amazing silicone molds that will turn your pancakes into Harry's glasses, a lightning bolt, the Snitch, or the Sorting Hat. Some even have cut-outs to add texture to the pancakes.

Customers are big fans of them.

Instagram | @meganposhh

All of the reviews are thrilled with how creative and cool these are. One noted that it helps to spray the molds first before placing them on your preheated griddle — it'll help the pancakes release once they're cooked.

You can get all 4 in a set.

Williams Sonoma

They're available on Williams Sonoma's website for $20.

For my magical friends, that works out to about 4 Galleons, 2 Sickles, and 20 Knuts. No word on if these are available in Diagon Alley yet.