People Are Using Chalk To Write Inspiring Messages In Their Neighborhoods

Now that a lot of people are stuck at home with very little to do many of them are coming up with creative ways to pass the time and send a message to the world. And they're doing it right on their driveways.

There are different messages, some of them inspirational or funny in nature. Here's a small collection of them for you to check out.

1. This Positive Spin On Things

Oh, I absolutely love this idea. I think I'm going to get some chalk and write something like this on our driveway.

2. This Funny Take On The Situation

Ha, ha, ha! We should all be like this little piggy and just stay home. This message resonates with me so much.

3. This Family Message

How clever are these messages? I love the creativity people are using to get their point across without coming off harsh. This is really loving.

4. This Thank You Message

Oh, how beautiful is this? It's so important to remember those working on the front lines risking their own lives to help us all.

5. This Beauty

What better way to get your kids involved than in an artful project right on your driveway? Who needs art lessons when you can do this?

6. This Monopoly Sign

Oh, wow! How clever is this? I'm such a fan of Monopoly. I used to play it all the time with my family. So cute.

7. This Important Message

Such a fantastic way to remind everyone to wash their hands and all their gadgets. I absolutely love the bubbles. This is so pretty.

8. This Bob Marley-Inspired Quote

When all fails turn to Bob Marley. That's what I say, hee, hee. You can do the right thing and still have a chill attitude.

9. This Home Message

This is so true. There is no place like home. And we're all doing our part to keep our homes safe and happy places.

10. This Colorful Sign

Looking at this sign, I gotta really work on my calligraphy skills if I want to create something as cool looking as this. Indeed.

11. This Silent Prayer To Wifi Gods

Ha, ha! So true, right? Every time my internet cuts out I start to panic a little. After all, I rely on it every day.

12. This Fitting Tribute to 'Groundhog Day'

Oh my goodness, how fitting is this? If you feel like you're stuck in Bill Murray's Groundhog Day , you're not alone.

13. This Artist Rendition

And when you're an artist you can put your creativity to good use when you showcase your art in this awesome way. This is so cool.

Okay, this settles it.

Looking at the creativity of others making this amazing driveway chalk art gives me so much inspiration to create my own. Where's that chalk already?