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S'Mores Boards Let You Enjoy The Best Part Of Camping Right From Your Couch

Camping szn is fast approaching, friends, and for those who enjoy a healthy dose of the great outdoors in the summer, this has felt like a pretty long time coming.

Not everyone is a fan of camping—I know, it seems unfathomable. Some people don't like having to walk a mile to the nearest bathroom in the middle of the night, the sound of absolute dead silence in the night, being hot and sweaty upon waking up, and waiting for your steak to cook for 20 hours.

Whether you're a camper or not, it's safe to say the one thing we can all get on board with is a good gooey and toasty s'more.

There's nothing that screams "the great outdoors" more than a s'more sandwich.

The flavors of sweet and creamy toasted (or burnt) marshmallow, milk chocolate, and sweet graham come together to create a flavor bomb of epic summer proportions.

S'mores is a really powerful flavor, if you think about it.

For those who prefer the taste of s'mores over the whole outdoor experience of making them, s'mores boards exist.

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You can enjoy a loaded s'mores right from your couch without having to worry about smoke burning your eyes and mosquitos feasting on every ounce of exposed skin.

There's no individual roasting of marshmallows required!

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Simply toast a bunch of marshmallows in an oven safe dish for a couple minutes in the oven, and you've got a set of gooey marshmallows ready to be assembled.

Fill the board with different kinds of chocolate, graham crackers, fruits, and other creative snacks to make a gooey cookie sandwich.

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As long as you at least have the three staple ingredients, you can't go wrong!

With a s'mores board, you can enjoy the summery treat anytime, rain or shine.