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Clever Wooden Wine Box Can Be Upcycled Into A Functional Bird House

Upcycling has become a major trend over the years. As a response to excess waste, people try to find new ways to take packaging, or other unused materials, and find new life for them.

One company is giving us more reason to get our wine on with their own upcycling initiative.

Portugal-based agriculture and forestry company Companhia das Lezírias created a wine that will help our avian friends.

Rita Rivotti

They released a line of wines called Tyto Alba, which is the scientific name for Barn Owls.

Why do they have a line inspired by Barn Owls you ask? These owls actually hold great significance for the property, helping provide ecological balance to the vineyards, protecting them from unwanted critters.

Rita Rivotti

To help protect the owls and increase their population, Companhia das LezĂ­rias placed wooden nest boxes throughout the neighboring forest on the property.

Essentially, the company recognized how much these animals help benefit people, understanding how important their conservation is.

In honor of their own nest boxes, they cleverly made bird house wine boxes for customers to hang their very own.

Rita Rivotti

This is really a win-win for humanity and Mother Earth.

We can drink the wine, and the birds can keep doing their thang!

Rita Rivotti

Get your own bottle here.

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