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A Swimwear Line Finally Makes Bikini Bottoms For Different Booty Sizes

Body positivity is a concept becoming more and more ubiquitous as the years go on, which has truly been quite a long time coming for many of us who fall outside traditional mass media norms.

While clothing brands continue to increase their sizing ranges to account for body diversity, they're certainly not perfect.

No matter your retail size, everyones' bodies still vary.

You could have a bigger waist and a smaller butt, or vice versa! Add on top of that being short, tall, or not short or tall enough. The combos are neverending!

And that makes shopping even more difficult and annoying than it already can be.

If there's one thing that has always personally affected my shopping experience, it's that bottoms are not really made for bigger booties.

If you have big booty problems, you know the struggle of having to go up a couple sizes, only for the waist to not fit at all and the crotch to bunch and all that jazz.

Pants are truly a prison.

Swimsuits? Don't even get me started.

Kitty And Vibe

However, one swimwear line finally made bikini bottoms for different booty sizes.

Kitty And Vibe created different sizes for butts, sort of like a cup sizes.

Instagram | @kitty_and_vibe

They kept the standard hip sizes, from small up to 3XL, but added "cheek" sizes.

You'll be able to choose between 1 for smaller behinds and 2 for bigger behinds.

CEO Cameron Armstrong created the sizes after being fed up with swimsuit bottoms constantly not fitting.

Instagram | @kitty_and_vibe

They were either too saggy or far too small.

Talking to Bustle, Armstrong revealed that the inseam size of the crotch was the culprit—it needed to be longer.

Making the crotch's inseam longer means bottoms will fit bigger behinds and taller folks a whole lot better.

Instagram | @kitty_and_vibe

I never thought I would be able to wear cheeky styles, fearing that they would turn into a straight up thong bikini bottom, but now it's possible!

What's great is that Kitty And Vibe didn't sacrifice style at all for their diverse range.

Instagram | @kitty_and_vibe

The bikinis come in super fun prints, as well as an array of different styles that all body types can wear.

Check them out here, and get ready to squash your fear of swimwear in an instant!

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