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You Can Buy A 'Friends'-Themed Pool Float That Looks Like Monica's Door

It's no longer enough to simply own a pool to take a dip in and cool off in the summertime heat. No. If you don't have the cutest accessories to make your poolside experience like a vacation in your backyard, then why even bother having a pool at all?

Urban Outfitters is making accessorizing your pool a whole lot easier.

They turned Monica's iconic purple apartment door in Friends into a cute and clever pool float.

The *Friends*-themed pool float looks exactly like Monica's apartment door, sporting the classic purple paint and iconic whimsical peephole frame.

Urban Outfitters

The door is seriously the perfect shape for a rectangular pool float.

You may not be able to gather with your friends this summer, but at least you can still have a part of *Friends* right with you.

Urban Outfitters

Find it online at Urban Outfitters for $35.

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