Mom Puts Sign On Daughter's Back So Others Will Stop Shaming Her At The Grocery Store

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people are making huge sacrifices in their lives to get things done. With many businesses closed and many people self-isolating, getting everyday things can be hard.

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Some parents are struggling when it comes to leaving the house.

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Having to go food shopping and buy essential needs is difficult when you have young kids at home, especially when you're a single parent or the spouse of a first-responder.

In response to the pandemic, grocery stores across the country have even started limiting the number of people per household.

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In many cases, only one adult is allowed in the store per family and children are only allowed under certain exceptions.

One mom recently had to go to the grocery store and take her five-year-old with her.

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MaryAnn Fausey Resendez anticipated that people would say things about her having her child out of the house during the pandemic. She even thought someone would snap a photo.

She decided to make a tell-all sign and stick it on her daughter's back.

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The sign reads:

"I am only 5. I can't stay home alone so I have to buy groceries with Mommy... before you start judging stay back 6 feet."

After posting the photo to Facebook, it quickly went viral.

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To date, the post has about 43,000 shares and 5,000 comments. It was also reposted in a number of Facebook parenting groups.

While the sign was one way to stop mom-shaming during the pandemic, people online had mixed feelings about this mom bringing her daughter to the store.

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Some people thought that it was a poor move on the mom's part. One Facebook user said:

"My opinion we have curbside pickup, free delivery, and we all have at least one friend that can stay with the kids for 30 min. There is no reason to expose the children. We sure can find someone to watch them to be out clubbing though."

Another pointed out that "grocery pick-up" was a better option.

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The user said:

"How are people forgetting that grocery pick-up is a thing? That it's no additional cost? You literally place an order and show up at a designated time to pick it up."

Others thought the sign made her daughter stand out even more.

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One Facebook comment said: "I think people will take more pics with a damn paper hanging off your kid. 'Momma wanted me to stand out so she put a sign on me.'"

However, there were many moms who supported her decision and choice.

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One Facebook user said:

"It's sad that the mommy had to make her baby wear that sign but it's true. Dumb people would judge her, tell her she is a horrible mom for bringing her baby to the store, and just be plain stupid towards her. Some people never take the time to STOP, THINK, and NOT JUDGE. Every good parent doesn't want to take their babies out of the home right now but sadly they have no one to help them and have no choice but to make the best of it and try to protect their children while doing what they NEED to do."

Others said the mom doesn't owe anyone anything.

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"You don’t owe anyone a [sic] explanation!! You are doing what you have to do to keep your baby safe!! You go momma!!" said one Facebook comment.

This isn't the first case of mom-shaming during the pandemic.

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There have been other reports of single moms being shamed for taking their children out in public with them when they have no other choice.

Thankfully, a few grassroots organizations have mobilized in communities to help these families.

Similar to Fausey Resendez, another mom turned to Facebook to share her experience after being shamed at a Costco.

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On April 2, Melinda Gallant wrote an emotional Facebook post after returning from a shopping trip at Costco.

"If anybody has ever wondered what defeat looks like, here it is folks. This is the look of a single mom during a pandemic," she said in her post.

Gallant is a single mom.

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In her post, she detailed her frustration with attempting to parent during the pandemic. She said she had followed social distancing protocols and never left home except for essentials.

Gallant explained that she had experienced canceled grocery orders because of the pandemic.

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She needed to get some essentials from the warehouse, including a medical prescription but had few options when it came to her kids.

As Gallant explained, she had no option but to bring her kids to Costco.

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Due to social distancing, she couldn't hire a sitter. She also couldn't leave her kids alone, and delivery would have cost $300, she said.

While picking up her necessities, Gallant said she was shamed by numerous employees.

"... this is the look of a single mom who was rudely told by not 1, not 2, but 3 Costco employees that it is the last time I will be able to bring in my children, and overheard 2 employees rudely point at me and say 'yeah are we putting up signs about children because clearly they're not gonna listen until we do,'" she said.

As with Fausey Resendez's post, Gallant's story struck a chord and went viral.

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Her Facebook post racked up 46,000 shares on the platform and she said the response was "overwhelming."

For other single parents, Gallant's story hit close to home.

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These parents have been connecting online and encouraging each other during this difficult time.

At the end of the day, we're all out here trying to do what is best to survive.

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Before we judge each other and shame, it's important to remember that no one knows exactly how to handle a pandemic — be kind!

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