Touching Pics Show Grandparents Meet Newborn Grandson From Street Outside Hospital

These two refused to let coronavirus ruin the birth of their grandson, and decided to greet him from 10 floors below.

Jarrod and Stacy O'Donnell were elated to be having their first child, but unfortunately it seems it couldn't have come at a worse time.


Jack, their son, was welcomed into the world on April 1 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Jarrod was the only family member allowed to be with Stacy on the labor delivery floor due to extra safety precautions put in place.

That wasn't going to stop grandparents Tod and Judy O’Donnell from coming to greet him.

Stacy and Jarrod O'Donnell

Though they, "-really felt like we wanted to make the effort to go in," as Todd said, they knew safety was more important, and decided to get creative instead.

The two waited on the street, finding the room Stacy, Jarrod, and Jack were in thanks to a flashing LED signal on the window.

Stacy and Jarrod O'Donnell

They came with signs welcoming Jack and saw their grandson for the first time through the window on the 10th floor of the hospital.

Of course it isn't an ideal substitution.

Stacy and Jarrod O'Donnell

In speaking more on the situation, Todd said, "The thing about the pandemic, it took something that would normally be happy and joyful, and made it, relatively, a lonely life event for them. For all of us."

But they're all healthy, which is what matters most.

Stacy and Jarrod O'Donnell

Jack is at home with his parents now and has been able to meet his grandparents a little closer (though still through a glass door). Jarrod and Stacy expressed immense gratitude to the healthcare professionals that helped them feel safe through such a chaotic time.

And Stacy is looking on the bright side of it all, appreciating her creative and supportive parents while celebrating the birth of her son.

Stacy and Jarrod O'Donnell

"There are so many milestones that people aren’t able to celebrate right now. It’s just one of those things where we can only control so much and just look at the silver lining: We brought this life into the world and we have such an incredible story that we’ll share with him one day."