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Newborn Babies In Thailand Are Being Given Their Own Tiny Face Shields

We all know how important proper protective equipment is for hospital staff right now. If there is any chance of coming in contact with people carrying the novel coronavirus, we want our doctors, nurses, and support staff safe and healthy.

But hospitals in Thailand realized there is another group that could use some extra protection: newborn babies.

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More than one Thai hospital has begun fitting newborns with tiny face shields to protect them from any stray droplets that could be carrying the virus.

Tamizhar Media | Paolo Hospital Samutprakarn

Aside from added protection, the tiny masks are very cute.

It may seem silly at first.

Tamizhar Media | Paolo Hospital Samutprakarn

However, newborn immune systems are fragile and with so much unknown about the effects of COVID-19, it's better safe than sorry.

As of this writing, Thailand has seen 2,518 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Tamizhar Media | Paolo Hospital Samutprakarn

Of those cases, 35 people have died.

Though the novel coronavirus appears to affect children less severely than adults, no one wants to risk testing that hypothesis.

I think we can all agree that it's better to be a bit over-protective of all children right now.

Tamizhar Media | Paolo Hospital Samutprakarn

The alternative is learning the hard way whether or not babies can successfully fight off the virus, and none of us want that.

h/t: The Independent, Tamizhar Media