Twitter | @sethdanie1

Twitter Is Sharing Their Cute (And Awkward) Photos They Took With Celebs

The number one problem that comes with self-isolation: is boredom. But thankfully Twitter user @sethdanie1 has come up with a new fun way to help us pass the time.

Last week, he issued a challenge via his Twitter page for people to send in their celebrity snapshots. You got bonus points if it wasn't a formal "meet & greet", and an extra boost if you "looked like s***." Here is what Twitter came up with.

Tongues out with Billie Eilish.

Twitter | @v_vik

This lucky fan was able to catch a candid snapshot with none other than the 'Bad Guy' herself - Billie Eilish.

It's pretty cool to think that even at her level of superstardom, you can still catch her in a crowd.

Candid Kylie Jenner.

Twitter | @heeyitsamberr

Check out this cheery shot of a young Kylie Jenner, opposite a very clearly excited and starstruck fan.

Judging from the backdrop, it would appear as if they bumped into one another on the street. Pretty humble move on Kylie's part!

Saying 'Hello' to Adele.

Twitter | @tim_fitzgerald

Needless to say, Adele has looked happier.

Still, this is one incredible photo for so many different reasons. First of all, it isn't a selfie; so neither one is awkwardly reaching across the frame.

Secondly - that cheetah print jacket is epic.

Getting ICE'd with Hayley Williams.


Hayley Williams isn't normally one for selfies. This department store run-in is 'The Only Exception'.

The first thing I thought of when I saw this strange pose was getting Smirnoff ICE'd. Do people still do that?

Stealing a kiss from Lady Gaga.

Twitter | @TerryStacyLD

Could you keep your 'Poker Face' in the presence of Lady Gaga? I know I sure couldn't.

Of all the great things going on in this picture, the one question I keep coming back to is "what's with the yellow backdrop?"

A totally excellent snapshot of Keanu Reeves.

Twitter | @astoriah624

A wild Keanu Reeves in his natural habitat! It appears that even when the star is clearly out enjoying a meal, he still has time for his fans.

A Most excellent move, Keanu; if I say so myself.

Pondering with Jordan Peterson.

Twitter | @raniergurl_04

Not a celebrity? Jordan Peterson's face is on television more than anyone else on this list!

The contentious (but brilliant) author/clinical psychologist is even smiling in this photo! A rare find indeed.

Baby faced Justin Bieber.

Twitter | @joesjolee

Wow...Look at how young 'The Biebs' is in this photo! I forgot all about the Tom Delonge emo-swoop haircut too!

Those glasses aren't helping either. They look like something you'd find in Andrew Dice Clay's desk drawer.

All smiles and matching shirts with Taylor Swift.

Twitter | @jschank

This guy looks remarkably calm for how close in proximity his face is to Taylor Swift's. If that were me, you'd be able to see the sweat soaking the collar of my shirt. Like some kind of unholy stink halo.

It takes two to selfie with Kirstie Alley.

Twitter | @sethdanie1

The man who started it all, @sethdanie1!

I had to do a double-take at first because, for some strange reason, Kirstie Alley looked kind of like a cardboard cutout to me.

Rest assured - it's her! And she does not look thrilled to be posing for a picture before she's had her coffee.

Walking in the woods with Andrew Lincoln.

Twitter | @sammipayne

How come I never bump into cast members of The Walking Dead when I go for my walks in the woods?

Clearly I've been wandering the wrong trails.

No laughing matter with Robin Williams.

Twitter | @lotusblau

My goodness. This does not look like the Robin Williams we remember from such films as Patch Adams.

It looks like the late comedian is about to go One Hour Photo on this poor guy.

Sharing a moment with Cher.

Twitter | @MrPrettyMess

So many thoughts spring to mind with this next one.

Cher's seriously channeling the '70s with this ensemble. However, the purple aviators are admittedly on fleek.

All smiles for Harry Styles.

Twitter | @harryjonesxx

What would you do if you were alone in a train car with Harry Styles?

I know what I'd do: I'd have an anxiety attack. Then after, I'd probably start begging him to sing 'Sledgehammer' by Peter Gabriel.

Singing along with Madonna.

Twitter | @stanblackout

This guy deserves a medal. I've seen dudes get speared by 350 lbs security guards just for thinking about jumping on stage.

How this man ever managed to share the spotlight with Madonna? We may never know.