Grandfather Uses Shopping Hour To Buy Baby Items For Pregnant Granddaughter

One story of a heartwarming grandfather using his "senior shopping hours" to buy supplies for his pregnant granddaughter has been melting hearts across the internet.

It is important to look out for one another at this time.

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As self-isolation practices continue, more and more of us are beginning to feel the effects of being cut off from the amenities that we have become so accustomed to.

However, despite the fact that we cannot necessarily physically be with our families to offer our support at these times, there are still ways we can look out for one another.

One mother-to-be recently went viral after sharing her own story of familial support.

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As certain stores face stock shortages due to panic buying amongst other problems, one pregnant mother found herself in a situation where she was unable to locate crucial supplies for her baby.

The expectant mother recently shared her story to Reddit.

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Late last month, Reddit user u/Kelseykells took to the subreddit r/BabyBumps, writing:

"I was venting to my grandma a couple of weeks ago that I don’t have any supplies for when the baby comes in less than 2 months. All the stores in my area have been completely sold out and on back order online. And we are no longer having a baby shower to receive most of the stuff we need."

However, help was quick at hand!

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Despite the fact that the mother-to-be was unable to acquire any of the items that she needed, a close family member was on the case!

"My grandpa called me super excited today to tell me he has been going out on the senior shopping hour days to grab me some supplies and he has been talking to the other moms at the store about which brand is best to buy me. It was so sweet how excited he was to tell me," she wrote.

The mother-to-be was apparently moved to tears by the act.

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It's understandable that she would be moved to tears by such a wonderfully touching act of kindness. The fact that he not only took the time to try and help out, but also was asking other parents what they would recommend is particularly thoughtful.

It was also not just the mother who started the thread who was reduced to tears either, with another mother writing:

"I am 40+2 .. emotions are outta wack and I am seriously going to cry after reading this. You give him a big hug from me whenever you can!!!!! What an absolute sweetheart." ⏤ Bettus16

A lot of people suggested that she name the baby after her amazing grandfather!

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The top comment in the thread came from an enthusiastic Redditor, writing, "You're naming your baby after him, right? 😭 In all seriousness, that is so sweet!! He sounds like a real gem."

The mother-to-be responded writing, "I am having a girl, but don’t worry my brother named his little boy after him."

A lot of people wished the grandfather well, and hoped he stayed safe.

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As the elderly are particularly vulnerable at this unsettling time, it is paramount that we all practice appropriate social distancing to help not only ourselves but our elderly citizens.

There were many people wishing the grandfather well, with one of the top commentors writing, "That is super sweet of your grandpa. Please make sure he is being safe."

The pregnant mother responded to this one also, writing, "I have talked to him non stop about social distancing and he is only going out during senior times and to grab my grandmas medicine."

Hopefully, we can all keep looking out for one another in these bleak times.

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As the world remains at threat from the coronavirus pandemic, while we cannot physically support one another, it is important to help each other out wherever and however we can under these tight restrictions. In most cases, the best way that we can help each other is by staying in and practicing appropriate social distancing. And, when this is all over, we will be able to spend time with our beloved family and friends once more.

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