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Rihanna Donates $2.1 Million To Domestic Violence Victims Stuck In Quarantine

Time and time again, Rihanna has proven herself to be incredibly generous with her money.

But since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the star has taken her charity work to an entirely new level.

Just today, Rihanna announced she would be pledging an astounding $2.1 million dollars to help women who are victims of domestic abuse.

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak began, Rihanna has been doing all she can to help.

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She's been involved with a number of different charities and working hard to provide aid when and where she can.

First, her Clara Lionel Foundation donated $5 million dollars.

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The money was donated on March 22nd and it was distributed through a number of different charities, all designed to provide relief for those affected by the virus.

When medical supplies were scarce, she donated the necessary PPE.

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PPE stands for personal protective equipment.

Riri's donation helped supply several hospitals throughout the state of New York.

Not even a week ago, she and Jay-Z donated another $2 million dollars via The Shawn Carter Foundation.

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The money was intended to help undocumented workers and their children who have been directly affected by the virus.

Now, she's teaming up with Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey for another $4.2 million.

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Riri has pledged $2.1 million dollars to help women who are victims of domestic abuse and have become endangered as a result of the stay-home order.

Having been a victim of domestic abuse herself, Rihanna understands the severity of the situation.

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The star was quoted as saying:

“Victims of domestic violence exist all over the world, so this is just the beginning.”

We truly don't deserve her, but we're incredibly grateful for all she does!

Instagram | @badgalriri

What do you think of all Rihanna's charity work? Has she inspired you to give back?

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