Manatee Mailbox

People Are Buying And Decorating Manatee Mailboxes To Cheer Up Their Neighborhoods

When you move into a new neighborhood you never know who your neighbor is going to be. Is it that person who keeps to themselves or the one who always wants to talk your head off?

What about those people who are so devoted to their curb appeal that it's scary. Well, one woman's neighbor got a manatee mailbox and they dress it up in different outfits each season. Wow, that's devotion.

With a mailbox like this, you can always count on your neighbors to let you know what season it is.

Twitter | @Marleyey

When it's hurricane season, you bet this manatee has its poncho! Ha, ha! Amazing.

It's Halloween, my favorite holiday.

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I'm glad to see this neighbor dressing up their manatee mailbox appropriately. How fun would it be to live next door to them?

Hello there, pilgrim.

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What are you doing on my street? Are you as excited about Thanksgiving as I am? That's what I imagine the conversation would be here. LOL!

It's always a fun time when St. Nick comes to visit.

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And from the looks of this, he's got some goodies that he brought with him. Have you been nice?

I wonder if this person knows how much joy this manatee mailbox brings to the neighborhood.

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I feel like they secretly know and love surprising everyone each season.

Turns out a manatee mailbox is an actual thing and you can certainly get yourself one if you'd like.

Manatee Mailbox

Am I the last one to find out about this?

Looks like people on Twitter are really having fun with this.

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I bet they wish they had a neighbor as cool as this one. This sure keeps life interesting.

Some even suggested that Marley, who brought the phenomenon of the manatee mailboxes to the internet, go visit her neighbor to tell them how awesome their manatee mailbox is.

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That sounds like a great idea to me. What do you think?

I hope this gives you an idea of how little things can make someone be a great neighbor.

Something like this can brighten up everyone's day indeed.