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15+ Wild Pics That Are Just As Cool As They Are Creepy

While the first reaction we usually have to seeing something messed-up is "NOPE," we may also find that something disturbing is also captivating enough to keep us from looking away.

But there's another level to the reactions this stuff can get out of us. It's possible to not only be transfixed by something we would otherwise consider scary or creepy, but sort of impressed by it. Although a lot of people have grown tired of Tim Burton's signature style over the years, there was a time when this was exactly the reputation he had.

Something like Beetlejuice may have given some of us nightmares as kids, but so much creativity obviously went into it that we just kept coming back when he had something new for us.

And it's hard not to feel similarly about what we have in store today.

These statues in Klamath, California are also called the Trees of Mystery and "mysterious" is definitely one word I'd use to describe them.

Reddit | MissingInNightmares

I won't deny that they're pretty impressive carvings, but it also feels like I would end up with some kind of curse if I got anywhere near them.

Imagine just stumbling upon these with no idea what you're looking at.

Sure, most people would never want to see this many tentacles at once.

Reddit | FailureBagel

But even with that in mind, it's definitely fascinating to see that it's even possible for an octopus for to end up with 98 of them at once.

Nonetheless, this one had apparently underwent a severe enough mutation that this is exactly how many it had when it was discovered in 1998.

Making your food smile can be kind of a risky proposition.

Reddit | argmaxwell2

It's kind of cute when it's a nicely arranged breakfast or something, but it apparently ends up looking a little more sinister when it's a chicken pot pie.

I have to admit, though: It still looks kind of friendly.

It's a little uncomfortable to look at, but this model of a phage virus is also really well-done.

Reddit | jaivomi

Not only that, but its legs actually move when a lever near the top of the figure is pulled. And that doesn't look comforting either, but it's still pretty cool.

I couldn't tell you the context of this, but we seem to have some tin foil legs on our hands.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

One on hand, it's clear that someone went to a lot of trouble to put this together. Still, I'd probably feel less nervous about it if I could confirm that a really weird crime hasn't taken place here.

I guess it'll speak to how effective these ghostly figures were made if they appear in our nightmares tonight.


Although it will probably help to learn that these "ghosts" are people marching in a Japanese parade that's a little bit like the Day of the Dead in Mexico.

Oh, and also that they're not carrying real bodies, but rather dolls they made themselves.

I'll just prepare you for the fact that you're about to see a decapitated wasp carrying its own head.

Reddit | dvella98

That's obviously not a pretty sight, but it's also really amazing that it was not only able to do this, but actually fly away with it.

Before you wonder what horrifying creature this is, I should tell you that nobody will ever serve it to you because it's not real.

Reddit | -rico

It's obviously hard to garner that from this tweet if you can't read Chinese, but this was apparently created purely as an April Fool's joke.

Yeah, it definitely puts those times when someone just covered their coworker's desk in tin foil to shame.

I have a guess as to why somebody did this, but I'm completely out of ideas if I'm wrong.

Reddit | guy9679

There's a kind of lizard called a water monitor, so I can't help but wonder if this is the work of somebody who really wanted to commit to that pun.

Still, there's nothing cool about polluting wetlands with E-waste, so I really hope they fished those out once they were done.

The monstrous Cthulhu has inspired a lot of art, but this takes things in an interesting direction.

Reddit | Liew78

Here we see that someone managed to carve one of his scornful, hungry eyes out of wood and the results legitimately seem like something I'd want in my house.

It's a lot easier to get behind behind what's going on here once you understand what this device is.

Reddit | -rico

As anyone who has tried will know, it's pretty much impossible to tip a cow. However, that still needs to be done for hoof care and veterinary purposes, so this machine is doing the work that a group of drunk ruffians never could.

Even though this probably isn't comfortable for the cow, it nonetheless needs to be done.

This seems like something that would pop up in a horror movie set in a gritty urban enivronment.

Reddit | AbsoluteMadvlad

Admittedly, it looks a little ridiculous in a well-lit house like this, but it would definitely hit different in an eerily empty street at night.

I can see someone getting a tattoo of it if it got as popular as Pennywise, though.

It doesn't seem like there's too much that would disturb us about a goat, but that changes a lot when it's standing on two legs and staring at us with unblinking eyes.

Reddit | Dlatrex

And the reason why it's doing either of those things is because it was stuffed by taxidermist and artist Adele Morse.

It's obviously unnerving to look at, but the fact that it still looks alive definitely speaks to the quality of her work.

The idea of paying to enter this room seems absurd, but a lot of people in Phoenix, Arizona would disagree with that.

Reddit | TheEntitledKid

This is actually gives a decent idea of the kind of decor one would find at Hanny's, a restaurant and bar that's apparently a local favorite.

I've gotta say, you must run one hell of an establishment if you can keep customers coming back with this many creepy dolls in your place.

If you're wondering what exactly this is supposed to be, I'm afraid that's going to have to remain a mystery.

Reddit | EmeraldWolf05

This was apparently a Halloween costume that somebody's mom wore as a kid, but even she doesn't remember what it actually depicts. It certainly makes an impression, though.

It also seems like it works best when you put it on the shy kid who doesn't want to say "Trick or treat" because silence only makes this weirder.

This seems like a terrible idea that's giving me second-hand discomfort, but I'm still kind of impressed that this kid is managing to pull it off.

Reddit | dan_da_meme_man

That said, it's probably a little premature to call this an accomplishment until he manages to release himself from this self-imposed predicament.

Who would have guessed that such a mind-blowingly creepy place could have a wholesome idea behind it?

Reddit | TheLittleWinner2

So yes, we can agree that all of these dolls like nightmarish and that we'd be extremely worried if one of them suddenly showed up in our homes.

But apparently, this Kentucky man intended the place we see here as a "Home For Wayward Babydolls" and essentially treats it as a real-life Island of Misfit Toys. Awww?

Even the best taxidermy has a slightly morbid aspect to it, but this is pretty awesome.

Reddit | DNAMellieCase

If something awful had to happen to this poor little duckling, we can at least take some solace in the fact that it's now reborn as a pretty rad punker.

That loud pink Mohawk also blends oddly well with its natural fluffiness. It's hard to be cute and badass at the same time, but this definitely pulls it off.

This medical device apparently illuminates veins for patients. It's weird to see our own insides like this, but it's also pretty awesome.

Reddit | Cursed00Breath

Apparently, it's not quite as effective as it may seem, though. As one health care worker explained, it's usually used to find veins in children because it can only find the easiest veins.

So while a beginner practitioner may find it useful, someone with experience already knows where to aim. Also, the darker a patient's skin tone, the less effective this machine apparently is.

Hopefully, we can see some improvements in the tech someday.

This is basically a really ambitious craft project, but there's still something vaguely menacing about it.

Reddit | RhinoVanHorn

Somebody went all out in pretty impressive detail when they had to replace their rear-view mirror and the sanded look here both makes the "hand" look rusty and decaying all at once.

So yeah, pretty cool to say the least.

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