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The 'Full House' Cast Revamped Their Opening Credits To Promote Staying At Home

The cast of Full House has revamped their CLASSIC show intro in an effort to promote the joys (AND IMPORTANCE) of staying at home!!!!!

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As we all know by now, social distancing is the most important thing we can do to flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic!

And who knows about a full house more than the cast of... well, Full House!

A bunch of OG cast members joined forces to recreate the iconic opening credits (and renamed it "Quarantine House") and the result was amazing!

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John Stamos was giving his hands a good wash.

Bob Saget was getting well acquainted with a bottle of hand sanitizer!

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Danny Tanner would be so proud!

Dav Coulier took a little BACKYARD fishing trip!

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And caught a slice of pizza, OF COURSE.

Candace Cameron Bure is channeling her roll of oldest sister D.J, cleaning that toilet like a CHAMP!

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Oh, quarantine cleaning VIBES!

Watch the full, hilarious video below!

There's even more cast members than mentioned above!

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