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Spruce Up Your Summer Decor With Cute Farm Animal Butt Coasters

We seriously need to pause and ask ourselves why we think animal butts are so darn cute. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, just stop the theatrics. Have you seen corgi butts? Listen, it's not I who started the subreddit r/corgibutts, or the one who made corgi butt buns—I just so happened to write about them.

And now I'm writing about farm animal butt coasters, and you're welcome.

How cute are these little bunny rabbit butt coasters?

Trifles & Treasures

The pompom tail, the little fit. Can you e v e n?

You know what's even more great? Trifles & Treasures made the pattern free so you can make a few of your own!

You can also give them a real "hop" of spring (get it? Like "pop") by crocheting them with pastel yarn.

Etsy | PheenyBeanCrafts

And if you don't want to crochet them that's okay, because Etsy shop PheenyBeanCrafts is selling this set of four colorful bunny tooshes for $15.

Guess what? Yes, you can also make some chicken butts!

Etsy | LorasLovables

For $5, you can make this bashful chicken.

Tbh, you might as well go with the whole farm animal theme.

Etsy | KatrinasCountryCraft

For $15 you can get the whole barnyard gang!

The little utters on the cow coaster is...utterly adorable.

These coasters are really a two-for-one deal.

They help protect your tables from water stains, and they make for the most adorable summer decor pieces.