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Justin Timberlake Loves WWII Vet Dancing To 'Can't Stop The Feeling'

Justin Timberlake just can't stop feeling obsessed with a dancing wat vet!

The singer commented on a clip of the 97-year-old dancing to his music and it's the most adorable thing you'll see today.

We smell a bromance brewing!

If you need a little sunshine in your day, Chuck Franzke is your man!

YouTube | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

He's the 97-year-old WWII vet who's been stealing the world's heart with his adorable dance videos.

His latest dance is to Justin Timberlake, but it turns out that Franzke has been shaking his stuff for some time.

The former navy pilot first went viral when he danced to along Burl Ives' rendition of the classic "Holly Jolly Christmas" in 2016.

He returned for more Christmas cheer the next year!

This time, he danced along to "Jingle Bells" in his festive red shirt that said, "Got freedom?"

“I don’t know, I just get up there and some music just starts playing and I just start bouncing around," he told the 'Milwaukee Journal Sentinel' who was filming him dance.

"When the music stops, I go back and sit down."

Same, Chuck!

Franzke’s wife Beverly even spoke out about her husband's viral moves.

YouTube | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“He always was a pretty good dancer," she told CBS 58 in 2018.

Get this: they've been married for almost 80 years! Aww!

This means that they've spent their lives dancing together <3

“We were big band fans,” Franzke told CBS 58.

“I used to jitterbug when I was young. I can’t jitterbug today. My balance isn’t good. But I just like music and I like her too.”

Now, two years later, Franzke is at it again with his dancing feet!

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This past Monday, Good News Movement shared the adorable video of Franzke dancing to Justin Timberlake‘s “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”

“MONDAY MOTIVATION: Even under quarantine, 97-year-old Wisconsin WWII Navy pilot Chuck ‘Dancing Chuck’ Franzk ‘can’t stop the feeling,'” read the caption of the post.

It's just what the world needs as most of us are at home and practicing social distancing.

Instagram | @goodnews_movement

The clip starts with Franzke opening up the door to his Wisconsin home.

As he starts to hear Justin Timberlake's singing, he cups a hand behind his ear to hear better and then starts moving side to side.

Once he's on his porch, he starts doing some arm circles, along with some fancy footwork!

Instagram | @goodnews_movement

He's totally got the moves like Jagger!

The best part about the video is the fact that Justin Timberlake actually commented on it!

Instagram | @goodnews_movement

The page had asked fans to tag the singer so that he could "see this cutie."

Fans of Timberlake — and now, Franzke — agreed with his sweet comment!

Instagram | @goodnews_movement

"you can tell he had quite the moves back in the day. So glad to see him up and dancing. Looks like it’s time for some new music, JT. The world needs pressure," another added.

The page that posted the video was also so happy to hear that Justin loved it.

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"happy to hear! Thx for making the music that lift us up!" they wrote, along with a dancing and sunshine emoji.

Justin Timberlake wasn't the only celeb who digged the video!

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Couric appears to be the one who alerted Justin to the video since she tagged him and wrote, "check this out!"

Thanks, Katie!

For the rest of fans, they were equally uplifted by Chuck's moves during this difficult time.

Instagram | @goodnews_movement

"@justintimberlake he’s giving you a run for your money!" one even wrote!

Chuck, thank you for your service and for your amazing dance moves!

You can check out the vet's slick moves here. Trust us, it's just what you day needs.