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Doctors Put Their Photos On PPE So Patients Can See Who's Helping Them

As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic become more severe throughout the world, many of us have found ourselves seeing aspects of our daily lives - that we might have otherwise taken for granted - in a whole new light.

Understandably, this has translated to new appreciation for the efforts of health care workers around the world. Although it's obvious that any society would be unlikely to persist without them, that becomes all the more apparent with the realization that the very act of doing their jobs now puts them at risk.

And so, some people are now taking it upon themselves to make their fight against coronavirus as smooth as it can be given the circumstances.

And in turn, some doctors are going above and beyond the already intense call of duty to make patients more comfortable in what may very well be the scariest moments of their lives.

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On April 7, this image found its way across various social media platforms and has warmed hearts everywhere it's turned up.

Reddit | sova198

It depicts three doctors with their headshots attached to their protective gear as a means of putting a friendly face to the treatment they're giving.

After all, it's hard to feel too comfortable when you're dealing with an uncertain illness while surrounded by elaborate equipment that you normally only see people wear in the movies.

Commenters praised it as a simple show of human kindness, but many wondered where this idea came from.

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Before long, however, it seemed we had our answer: the Sharon Hospital in Petah Tikva, Israel.

As The Times Of Israel reported, this hospital was converted into a 200-bed facility specifically intended to treat coronavirus patients two weeks ago.

By that point, the staff of 1,400 in that hospital had already received training in how to both treat COVID-19 patients and protect themselves from the disease.

Reddit | startupbabe

According to Dr. Eithan Wertheimer, who oversees the Rabin Medical Center that the hospital is a part of, it is the first facility in the nation to feature "wide-scale hospitalization in isolation conditions."

And it's clear from the photo that it's also staffed with clever and conscientious doctors.

Reddit | Michzm, NBC

One commenter noted that this was unlike anything we've ever seen on doctors in movies. While that may be true, another actually recalled that a similar idea was put in action at the fictional Sacred Heart Hospital in the TV show Scrubs.

It was executed differently enough that we can still give the Israeli doctors the credit for this one, though.

h/t: The Times of Israel

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